Mecca Bingo is feeling flushed with success!

By Asin Agrawal - November 18 2010

This story was just too good to resist; and the fact that Mecca Bingo is feeling flushed with success is all due to the toilets in their land based bingo clubs! One club in particular – the Mecca Bingo, Catford. There is a stereotyped perception that land bingo clubs must be seedy, but there is nothing further from the truth as you can see from this example where the loo facilities are in the running for "Loo of the Year". Yes there is a British Toilet Association as we are particular where we park our posteriors!

The toilets in this Mecca bingo are adorned with life size posters of sixties sex symbols on the doors, and the club management believe this is one of the factors that got them in with a chance to win. Judging criteria also includes cleanliness, toilet paper etcetera. I love this story, it is brilliant and when final judging takes place on the 3rd December, one can pretty much guarantee that all Mecca Bingo members will be plumbing the depths of their wills for the club to come in first place.

In the meantime if you are not privileged enough to have placed your posterior (or pointed your Percy) on the perfect porcelain of Mecca Bingo Catford, and you play online bingo from home; Mecca Bingo has some lovely specials online which will leave you feeling just as flushed away with success. There is fabulous free bingo games which you can play every day!

The 'Festival of Free Bingo' runs in the Club Bingo room and from 1pm every day, they are running 7 hours straight of the most amazing free jackpot games. Upgrade free bingo tickets with Superbooks too and increase the size of the prize. Check out the Festival of Fun too, as all month long at 9pm every evening there are ten games being played in 'Dancing Queen' and 'Two Little Ducks' with guaranteed £500 prizes.

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