Mecca Moments reveals what bingo players would do with £10K

By Dani Lee - November 1 2010

If you’re a Mecca Bingo player you may have noticed that all this month they have been giving away £10,000 daily jackpots. They’ve also been seeking out their players ‘Mecca Moments’; times their players have had big wins or memorable games on their bingo site.

One player entered this Mecca Moment recently, Sandra Veronique said: “My Mecca Moment would be to step into a time machine and whisk myself back to 1969 to be there when the Beatles performed their last ever gig, on the roof of their Apple Headquarters in Saville Row, London. It was history in the making!”

I’m pretty sure the £10,000 daily jackpot prizes Mecca has been giving out this month would more than cover a dream come true experience given the entries some Mecca players have sent in on Facebook, Twitter and on the actual Mecca Bingo site.

Mecca’s Gaming Director Angus Nisbet said: “We’ve been very touched by some of the stories our bingo players have been sharing, it’s very humbling to see how unselfish so many people are – they truly are thinking of other people ahead of themselves.”

“We’ve also discovered that we’ve got a lot of romantic people playing our bingo games, so many of the responses are about dream weddings and honeymoons.”

“We really wish we could give the £10,000 jackpot prize to each and every one of our players and we do wish them all the best of luck.”

Lots of members said they would give some or all of their winnings to charity which is extremely nice given that most of the country are now scrimping and saving for Christmas, there are some kind hearted souls still out there!

Nicole Rastakk told Mecca that she would donate her winnings to Corpal a non profit support group and charity run by parents, carers and families of children and adults who have Aicardi Syndrome. This charity is close to Nicole’s heart as it has personally helped her and her son. She went on to say: “We never thought he would be where he is now and I’d love to put money into charity so other families get the same support we did. They have made moments in my life I will never forget.”

There were as you would expect, loads and loads of wedding themed Mecca Moments including this one from ‘Firefly’ who said she would drag her fiancé to Gretna Green to get married, I like the use of the word ‘drag’ there!!

The Mecca Moments campaign is still going strong and a second set of TV ads will be aired between now and 7th November so if you haven’t yet submitted your Mecca Moment get onto the Mecca Bingo site or Facebook or Twitter and do so today!

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