Bingo News: Moon Bingo’s New TV Campaign

By Becky Mosley - January 30 2010

As recently reported by Poker News, Moon Bingo who recently underwent a revamp around 2 months ago have been very busy and are now planning a major marketing investment which will include a UK TV advertising campaign.

They’ve been a bit cheeky and pinched Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase and put their own twist on it; ‘Moon Bingo – One small step for man, one giant leap for Bingo’. The big TV campaign went live on the 25th January 2010 with a series of 30 and 10 second adverts on a number of TV channels including ITV and Channel 5.

The CEO owner NetBoost Media a Mr Adi Frum has said this week: “In just ten weeks – following great reviews of the re-launched site – Moon Bingo’s following has exceeded its initial forecast. The site has grown by a massive 940 percent in the number of daily unique visits.

To maximise on this incredible response to our vibrant site and to ensure that Moon Bingo players continue to have a very exciting, enjoyable and rewarding experience we’ve increased the number of gaming rooms, included more instant games, and have increased our budgets to allow for many more free cash jackpots and free gifts.

The TV campaign – which will run for eight weeks – is Moon Bingo’s next strategic step in the successful penetration of the brand in the UK.”
In keeping with the website’s title and theme the TV adverts will show 2 Moon Bingo players dressed in space suits dancing on the moon planting a Moon Bingo flag on its surface. The adverts were filmed in London with Moon Bingo’s £200,000 investment launching the first stage of a campaign to maximise the brand. So keep your eyes peeled for those new Moon Bingo adverts which will be running regularly from now on.

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