Multiply Your Jackpot by 100 at Diva Bingo

By Becky Mosley - May 21 2014

£10,000 Multiplier

Your eyes will be popping out of your head, thanks to the £10,000 Bingo Multiplier every Saturday at 10:30 PM. The sooner you call a full house, the bigger your jackpots at Diva Bingo – so if you mark your card off in 29 calls or less, the jackpot will be multiplied by 100, giving you a potential win of £10,000. Wahwee! The jackpot is guaranteed at £200, making for an exceptionally nailbiting affair. Play free bingo no deposit required, and you could be winning a fortune.

The Big Five £5000

This one is a monster sliding jackpot – definitely make a note in your diary to attend – it plays on the last Thursday of the month. Tickets are rather reasonable at 30p each, and top prize is £5000, with the lowest prize £2000.

Free Facebook and Twitter cash

Most sites have a Twitter and Facebook page, but only Diva pays you to join up. Follow her on Twitter and you’ll get 1000 points, which is the equivalent of £1, and follow her on Facebook to earn yourself 2000 points.

Boost your entourage

All the famous girlies have an entourage, and it pays to boost your numbers. With every person you invite, you’ll get a £10 bonus – get working through your iPhone contacts, and invite as many buddies as you can.

Daily Freebie £500 game

As a depositing player at Diva, you are treated like a VIP superstar. Make a single deposit of £10 or more, and you’ll get access to a £500 free game that plays every single evening at 11 PM. Forget hanging out in your trailer – this is the only place to be seen.

Weekend Wonga

The weekend is time to party, and at Diva, you can party like crazy, thanks to the £50 Weekend Wonga. The fun starts at 7 PM in the Access all Areas room – pots are fixed at 50 quid, meaning you can always win a decent prize. So come on ladies – sign up now, and spin the £2500 wheel – who knows where it will land?

Diva Bingo

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