Bingo News: New 888 Ladies slots and casino side-games

By Becky Mosley - August 9 2009

I thought i’d take a closer look at the new side-games that have been introduced at 888 Ladies. 888 Ladieshas always had great promotions and tends to be innovative when it comes to new games. The main reason being that 888 Holdings who are the company that run 888 Ladies actually own the Globalcom software that is used by the site and many other bingo sites including many of the Cashcade bingo sites such as Foxy Bingo, Think Bingo and the new site Little Big Bingo. 888 recently pulled out of a deal between Cashcade and themselves for a buy-out worth £100 million, it does sound like the sort of money you would hear Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers filmsask for, so you can see why they decided against the idea. Instead Cashcade were bought by Party Gaming. Interestingly because 888 own the software that Cashcade usethis raises a few interesting issues. Cashcade are obliged to use the software for the next 2 years, I wonder if 888 willcontinue to make their software the best on the market to make sure Cashcade don’t start using Party Gamings software platform. Either that or maybe they plan on selling the additional games to Cashcade for more money, either way the best place to play these side-games first is probably on 888 Ladies. Anyway enough of the legal ramblings lets look at these new side-games!

The first thing I notice when clicking on “Show all instants” in the lobby area is some new tabs. “Adventure Slots”, “Animal Slots”, “Girly Video Slots” and Fantasy Video Slots

New side-games menu at 888 Ladies

I decided to look at “Gamma Girl” under “Girly Video Slots”

Gamma Girl Slot at 888 Ladies

The Gamma Girl slot is a multi-line slot and is based on a super hero theme, it looks bright and colourful but some of the drawings look a bit blocky (if that makes any sense). You can change how many lines you want to place bets on, the more lines you choose the more you have to wager but the more lines you have the more chance you have of winning. I went for 10 lines and the smallest amount of credits. If you get a line you get the option to bet on red or black to double your winningsor take your winnings.

Me winning on Gamma Girl slotDouble or quits.

I actually found this great fun and it’s so tempting to try and keep doubling your money.

Next I thought i’d look at a different tab, slots are pretty much the same so I tried one of the casino games called”Single O Roulette”. The game looks very realistic.

Roulette game at 888 Ladies

You get different size chips ranging from 1 credit to 500. I tend to go for red or black as the odds get quite confusing when you start placing them on the numbers. You can play some serious money on this game but I always think if you are going to play huge money then you are better off playing at a casino site.

Finally I finished of with a scratch card game Frolokin’ Frogs, initial impressions are good, it starts with some cute music. The only thing I didnt like is that I had to use 100 credits to play the game, at least on the slots and casino games you can wager smaller amounts. This only gets you 1 scratch card, having said that on my second scratch card I did win and the frogs danced around!

Scratch Card game at 888 LadiesWin on Scratch Card game at 888 Ladies

Again if this is your thing there arescratch card sites out there with some good offers.

Overall I think the games give you something new to try at the site and i’m pretty sure that in time you will see these appear at your current favourite bingo site.

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