New Athletes Room Opens at Crown Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - August 4 2012

When new rooms open at free bingo sites, we are often very underwhelmed. It's the same old games, with the same old roomies. However, at Crown Bingo, a brand-new room is now open called the Games Room. This is like nothing you have ever experienced before, and it celebrates a fantastic summer of sport. Any time you purchase cards, you get to choose a runner in a race. The athletes are numbered 0-9. As the game plays, your chosen athlete will sprint forward each time a ball is called that has the same number as they do. For instance, if you have chosen Athlete 9, they will run forward when any ball ending in a 9 is called. When your chosen athlete crosses the finish line first, you get extra points. What fun!

Also up for grabs is a brand-new Community Jackpot World Record. If your athlete manages to sprint across that finish line in under 20 balls, any player who purchased tickets for that particular game will share the community jackpot. With ticket prices between 1p and 50p, plus cheap ticket hour and Last Chance Saloon free scratchcard games, don't be surprised if you end up rubbing shoulders with famous athletes as you play.

Now go grab your £1 free golden nugget from Crown, and explore the delights of the new room.

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