New Bingo Site Bingo Godz about to take the web by storm

By Becky Mosley - July 9 2013

High above the United Kingdom, the clouds are parting. Thunder is echoing across the land, and something is falling from the clouds. But for once, the residents of Britain are not showered in rain – for it is bingo balls cascading from the sky. It can only be the Bingo Godz, peering down from the heavens and bestowing their gift of free new bingo sites onto a yearning and expectant public.

Bingo Godz will be a divine new bingo site, launching in summer 2013. And although the name may seem grandiose, it's actually fairly accurate – the names behind it are practically saints in the online gaming world . The people involved are Simon Collins, the founder of Foxy Bingo, and Michael Brady, previously of Cashcade.

When two such industry titans clash, the fallout will inevitably be something rather miraculous, and Bingo Godz looks set to lord it up over all other sites, thanks to a swish new software interface, Facebook integration, and a unique slew of features that could only have been made in heaven.

Rumours abound as to what the site will be like – we reckon it's going to have a blue and white cloudy background – could this be reminiscent of paradise? A little cherub told us the site will have lots of free bingo as well, and be available to mobile players. We also hear that you may have to collect power ups called 'Godz' to help you advance through those heavenly levels – will this be a whole new way to play? Halos crossed, roomies.

And will those benevolent Bingo Godz look after their players? Of course – we know for sure it will offer a safe, secure haven – after all, if you can't be safe in a god's hands, where can you be safe?

On a slightly more down-to-earth level, Bede Gaming is one of the world's leading suppliers of software to the online and social gaming industries. This up-and-coming company provides themed slots, scratchcards, bingo, and multiplayer keno to a global market, and one of its most well-known sites is Bet UK.

So, the company has the experience, and it has the people. We can't wait to see what Bingo Godz will be like – and here's hoping the gods smile on you when you play. Get praying for that big win.


Bingo Godz – COMING SOON! – Play Now

Bingo Godz

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