New Bingo Sites January 2014

By Becky Mosley - December 19 2013

Fancy some brand new bingo sites to take your mind off the festivities? Christmas is coming, and not only is the goose getting fat – my head is getting frazzled – but in a good way. There are so many different new bingo sites to choose from this month – where to start?

Well here’s the good news – I’ve tested the new bingo sites out for you, and as a seasoned reviewer of many years, I can tell you exclusively the best places to play, the top places to spend your cash, and the ones to avoid like the plague. After all, I’d hate you to sign up at a turkey of a site.

So, let’s take a look at the new offerings – feel free to sit back with a mince pie and let me lead you around a winter wonderland of new UK bingo sites. Just don’t get crumbs in your computer.

Telly Talk Bingo

Christmas is about partying, eating, family, and let’s face it, television. Telly Talk Bingo is supposed to be a mecca for bingo lovers who love to talk about TV too, but when I visited the site, it was nothing but a Dragonfish ‘skin.’ This is where a network of sites use the same software, but have different homepages, aka a ‘skin.’ I must say, there wasn’t much going on in the way of TV banter in the chat room nor was there any mention of it in the promotional section of the homepages. Indeed, there was nothing at all happening in the promotional section, other than the promise of £50,000 in guaranteed cash games every week, and some stale old material about embedded games and 1 TG winners. If I were you, I’d turn the channel from Telly Talk – it’s nothing but a cheap Morecambe and Wise repeat – tired, dated and seen a hundred times before. Go and look for something else, despite the alluring £10 no deposit bonus.

Bingo Godz

Now this is more like it – Bingo Godz launched in August 2014, but it’s still exceedingly fresh because it’s so blimmin’ unique. There are six realms to progress through, and in each round, there are six magnificent Bingo Godz to collect. Each has its own bonuses and powers – the more you collect, the bigger and better your jackpots get. The six rooms include Norse, Egyptian, Space, and Greek. Once you become fully enlightened, you will drift into to Cosmic World, where infinitely big wins float in space. You are welcomed into heaven with a £10 no deposit bonus and a 300% first deposit match.

Big Bucks Bingo

Yeehaa, the site with the cowboy theme (ok, a minuscule picture of a cowboy on the homepage) lives up to its name, with a £15 free bingo no deposit bonus. This is a Cozy Games site, and part of the Live Bingo Network, so it offers 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball, and 30 ball, with small ticket prices from around 2p, and jackpots up to around £2500. I find Live Bingo Network sites better for those on a budget – your £15 no deposit bonus goes a long way when it comes to purchasing those bargain cards.

Aunty Acid Bingo

Aunty Acid is yet another new bingo site on the Live Bingo Network from Cozy Games – brace yourself because this lady will blow your mind. Aunty Acid is a crazy purple-haired bingo-queen, with an incredibly acerbic sense of humour. For instance, she says ‘if only losing weight was as easy as winning online bingo, I’d be a real skinny cow’, and promises more laughs on her blog. Which is actually devoid of words. Come on Aunty, we need more pearls of wisdom. Deposit £10 and play with £30, then it’s on to explore her eclectic world of 90, 80, 75, and 30 ball. Aunty Acid also has a male counterpart called Walt – he allegedly has ‘Crazy Giveaways’, but I can’t seem to find out what these are. Fun fact – Aunty Acid says ‘I am so tired, that the bags under my eyes are bigger than my boobs’. Blimey, she’s a fruity old minx indeed.

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Bingo Godz

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