New Gala Bingo survey releases remarkable results

By Asin Agrawal - February 15 2011

As part of the BIG Gala Bingo 5th Birthday celebrations they have released the result of their latest UK bingo survey. It is always interesting to read the results of these surveys and this particular survey reveals that Lady Luck is smiling down on Susan more regularly than it does on say Debbies or Bevs! Winning names also include Julie in second place, Linda in third, Karen in fourth and my sister-in-law will be delighted to know that Margaret gets a look-in in fifth place. Susan's have in fact won more than £69 million since 2006!

I don't know where they get these stats, but Gala Bingo online is after all part of the biggest bingo sites in the UK. So, they are more than adequately qualified by having sold enough bingo tickets to reach the 405,969 kilometres to the moon one and a half times since February 2006 when the site launched.

This in effect means they have collated the information from sales of more than six billion bingo tickets sold in the past five years. If you fancy relocating to a luckier town; perhaps Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Doncaster or Bristol might take your fancy – there may be something in the water! These are the top five luckiest towns in that order. Also while we are on about the luckiest, what about the male of the species – they play bingo too? Well, women continue to trounce men in the numbers department simply because more women than men play bingo. However in 2008 Paul took first place from both Susan and Julie and apparently David continues to hang in there. Who knows, perhaps this year will be the year of David? Taurus (air) and Cancer (water) are also both lucky if luck is written in the stars and the top five luckiest years in which to be born are: 1962 in first place and 1965, 1961, 1971 with 1963 holding up the back four!

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