Bingo News: No licence in Norway for Ladbrokes

By Becky Mosley - October 8 2008

Gambling industry giants Ladbrokes applied for a Norwegian gambling licence in 2004 but the application was turned down, legal proceedings were then initiated against the Country.

Ladbrokes claimed that the refusal for the licence was in breach of the Rome treaty, European Commission directives and the European Free Trade Association agreement.

A verdict was reached earlier this week by the District Court in Oslo that found the Norweigan gambling law to be in full compliance with European obligations. Therefore it was ruled that Ladbrokes would not be permitted to offer gambling services in Norway. Ladbrokes were alos ordered to pay the legal cost which are estimated to be around 130,000 euros.

“The verdict is an important victory for Norway as a welfare state and for the Norweigan gambling law.” commented the Norweigan Culture minister Tronde Giske. He went on to say “The verdict also sends out an important message that supports the European tradition that each individual country has the most effective control of it’s own gambling market.”

Online bingo operator Ladbrokes said that they were disappointed by the verdict and would be thoroughly analysing the rules before taking any further steps.

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