Bingo News: Online bingo growth only showing small increase in player numbers

By Becky Mosley - February 10 2009

Statisticsreleased by Bingo Port showed that there has only been a small increase in online bingo player numbers in the last quarter.

The last quarterly report has shown just a 1% increase in the number of bingo players at UK bingo sites. The report covered the last 3 months during 2008. The quarterly figures from the period previously showed a large 10% increase in the number of bingo players.

Bingo Port also reported that the prize money on offer by bingo sites also decreased slightly during the last quarter.

“This report will not come as a suprise to many industry experts who have been predicting this downturn for some time. We still expect to see strong spending in advertising by the bigger operators as they work to extract the maximum value out of their existing customer base.” said Scott Logan the managing director of Bingo Port.

“This is the first sign that the UK online bingo market is feeling the effects of both the recession and market saturation. In addition, the well established operators are pulling out all the stops to keep their players from going to competitors. We expect to see a cut throat 2009.”

This is an interesting report although reports from the online bingo operators in the UK suggest that strong growth is still being experienced.