Party Bingo is one party you might want to give a miss

By Becky Mosley - November 30 2010

What really surprises me is that a brand such as Party Gaming which understands the competition in the online bingo industry, still offers such boring as hell prizes. Since I last wrote about this bingo site, I have gone back a number of times, just to see if I might have missed something – I haven't!! I mean if you really insist on playing Party Bingo, don't play slots at this site, rather play slots at Party Casino, where much better promotions are on offer, so your slots spend will be better rewarded.

At Party Casino they are currently in the midst of a VIP Slot Vault promotion where whatever slots games you play, all work towards unlocking a vault with prizes such as an iPhone 4, 46” Sony Bravia HD TV with PlayStation 3, and a $5,000 Samsung home entertainment bundle. This IS how promotions should be – why not where they offer bingo?!

While at Party Bingo there are a daily BOGOF specials, Hot Numbers Each week but it doesn’t say how much you can win; check with the CM. In Disco Divas on a Thursday night all bingo tickets are 5p and if you buy six you get six free. Wednesday is "Wins-day" where all the bingo games start with a base prize of £40 – 1 line: £5, 2 lines: £10, Full House: £25. Not really anything to write home to mum about, but better than they have been for a while. Come on Party Bingo, you have a lot of catching up to do with the other big brand online bingo names and if you are wondering why your bingo site is not performing as well as it might be, take a look at your promotions, compared to other sites, they are still very boring.

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