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By Becky Mosley - March 17 2010

When you play bingo at Party Bingo you will enjoy the many benefits attached to their great rewards system. Collecting points couldn’t be easier, all money you spend on site will be awarded points and these can be redeemed at a later date for products in the Party Bingo store or credits to play through on site. Your points will instantly be credited to your account once you finish playing and leave the table, game or room.

As you collect points you will be placed in a Key Level. The more points you collect the higher your key level and the more goodies you can unlock from the Party Bingo store.

The top level to aspire to is Palladium Elite where you can purchase bonuses in the store which will give you up to $20 back for every block of 100 points, that’s 40% rake bake. You get 180 days to release your bonus or lose it.

To achieve a key level you have to acquire a certain number of points during a month or quarter. Once you reach said level you will have instant access to your rewards for the remainder of the month or quarter and the one that follows.

To stay at your desired key level you need to maintain a set number of points over the month or quarter in order to stay put or even advance to the next level. You can redeem your points for items from a lower level but it is better value to buy rewards at your own level.

This informationmight make it a bit clearer!

Key Level Points Required Month Points Required Quarter

Bronze 0 –
Silver 400 –
Gold 1000 –
Palladium – 9000
Palladium Elite – 50,000

You will know at a glance which key level you are at by visiting your account page, each key level is colour coded to make life easier and you can shop around on site to see what cash and bonuses are available to you. Whichever way you look at it you get something back every time you play your favourite bingo games, you can’t say fairer than that!

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