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By Peter X - February 2 2011

Betfred Bingo is always looking for new and more innovative ways to add to their members' excitement. They also like to reward their top players and they have come up with a number of unique ways in order to be able to do this. They have a fantastic competition running throughout February and March and this will definitely to add to your excitement. All you need to do is play on any of these slots; George and the Dragon, Zodiac Supernova, Bouncy Balls, Big Top Tombola, Clover Rollover and or Dynamite Digger and the two top slotters of the month each receive a fantastic £100 cash prize.

This is a leader board competition and every week this is updated, so if slots are the name of your game, remember these are some of the largest progressive jackpot prize slots in the industry, so your chance to pick up a very large prize will also be improved. The last prize won on 24th December 2010 on Clover Rollover, was £3.9 million!

How would you like to be crowned the Betfred Bunker Roomie of the week? While it is all very well to have a title, we also have to ask the very important question of "what's in it for me?" Well if you want to earn £50BB's; each week a special roomie will be chosen from the Bunker and crowned the famous Roomie of the week. The Chat Moderators decide, so make sure you are nice to the CM's at this site then winners are announced and rewarded on Mondays!

Winning will get you into the Hall of Fame for Roomie of the Week and you will be in good company with "xdaisy00xx" who was last weeks' winner, and "mrssazzy9" of the previous week. Remember, anyone can be Roomie of the Week as long as they are a member of this bingo site.

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