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By Asin Agrawal - January 15 2015

Hey there, Bob here. Welcome back to my bountiful bingo site, and I hope you all had a cracking New Year. Now, we might as well get right down to brass tacks. New Year has come and gone, and I’ve got some superb new promotions for you to claim. One in particular is extra special.

A Great Weekend at Bigwigs

This January, we’re launching a very special online bingo room, known as Bigwigs. Every Saturday, we’ll be hosting A Great Weekend at Bigwigs promotion. This exclusive bingo room is open to players only by invitation only. Jackpot games will start off being worth £50, and rise even higher as the games go on. But if it is invitation only, how you can you get yourself an invite?

How can I qualify?

Fortunately, there are several ways to qualify for A Great Weekend at Bigwigs. If you are one of the top 15 players who have won the most games during the week, or if you are one of the top 15 wagerers during the same week, you’ll earn a ticket. The top five players in the Big Ben, London Hall and Buckingham Palace rooms will make up the 15 in each category. Alternatively, if you’re one of the top ten depositors during the week, you will also qualify. Finally, 10 lucky players will be chosen at random to join A Great Weekend at Bigwigs, too.

Join Bob’s Bingo today

In order to stand any chance of earning an invitation for yourself, you’ll need to play at Bob’s Bingo. If you aren’t yet a member, then sign up now, and I’ll offer you a 350% bonus on your very first deposit. Do you know what? I’ll even offer you a 250% bonus on your second, and a 300% bonus on your third, too. Stay tuned next week, for more of my great January offers, only at Bob’s Bingo.




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