Play Bubblewrap Bingo 50 at Tombola Bingo

By Dani Lee - August 19 2010

This month has been a pretty good one where online bingo promotions are concerned and Tombola has definitely delivered with their latest offering.

Bingo 50 at Tombola or Bubblewrap Bingo as some of you will know it, has just reached a landmark first anniversary. The game has been extremely popular with Tombola players since it was launched last year and Tombola thought it deserved a party to celebrate its huge success.

This week there will be guaranteed prizes galore every night until Friday. The fun and bingo games take place each night between 8pm and 10pm and players can win between £50 and £200 depending on how much they have spent.

This basic bingo game sees players buying single grids of five cards with each card containing 10 numbers between 1 and 50. The stakes start at just 25p for the five tickets and have a maximum cost of £1. The higher the stake the higher the prize in this game and the higher the jackpot. A 25p ticket could win you a guaranteed £20 and potential jackpot of £250 which isn’t too bad at all.

Everybody playing Bingo 50 this week will have the same amount of tickets so the game will be completely fair for all. The only difference being that the prize pot varies depending on how much has been paid.

Tombola welcomes new members to the site with a 200% deposit bonus up to £50 so if you spend £10 you will get an extra £20 on top. Tombola Bingo is Britain’s biggest online bingo site and pays out £3 Million each week, if you’re not already a member, it’s probably time to join!

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