Play Dream Bingo and win a trolley dash with a difference

By Asin Agrawal - November 11 2010

How many times have you dreamed that you won a trolley dash? I have done it lots of times, but dreaming is good for us! If dreaming is good for us and they have a trolley dash up for grabs, then logic dictates it has to be good for us to play at Dream Bingo! This is their greatest giveaway to date and they will be rewarding you with a ton of cash to splash in shopping heaven. Get a new look in time for the party season, buy gifts with this money, or simply spend half an hour shopping in one of the most desirable shops in the country. Now you want to know what the prize is, don't you?

This game plays at Dream Bingo in the Day Dreamer room at 10pm, it is called the "Trolley Dash", so you can't miss it, and it plays on the 18th December. Bingo tickets cost 50p each and you can get yours now if you like in pre-buy; the full house prize is a whopping £5000. One line and two line winners don't walk away empty handed and there are prizes of £400 and £600 respectively. What would you do if you won – blow all the dough in one go, or be sensible? Whatever it is, the choice will be all yours, just like the cash! You have to be a paid up member of Dream Bingo to play in this game, so sign up today and start practicing, they will give you a 200% first deposit bonus.

If instant gratification is the name of your game and you want to win right away. Take a look at the featured games; they have Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring, plus a couple of others on offer this week. This is a brill game and there are additional prizes of £300 up for grabs.

Dream Bingo
Dream Bingo – Play Now

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