Play Dream Bingo’s £20K Game tonight

By Isobel X - July 30 2011

There's £10K up for grabs tonight at Dream Bingo in the Big £10K game at 10pm. Grab your £1 tickets for the game now and if you're going to be in for the game anyway, why not play in the Warm Ups too?

Starting at 7pm, there will be 5 x £50 guaranteed bingo games to help you get ready for the big one later on. These games cost 25p to 50p to play so they aren't too expensive and if you're in on a Saturday night, why not treat yourself to a few bingo games anyway? Who knows, you could b thousands of pounds better off by this time tomorrow!

Play for pennies in the Penny Price Crash on 6th August when there will be a whole weekend of bargain bingo games. That's 1p, 2p and 5p games offering £30 pots, you could play all weekend long and still no spend more than a pound or two.

On 13th August to celebrate the Great British Beer Festival players will be able to win cider, beer and wine for a whole month. There will be a games between 8pm and 9pm in The Sunset Strip, Maple Meadow and Day Dreamer and tickets cost just 10p each.

On 27th August there's £200 in Easyjet vouchers up for grabs so if you haven't yet been on your Summer hols you could book one up no problem if you win this prize. The game plays at 9.05pm and tickets cost just 50p.

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