Play New Swedish Gimme 5 at Wink Bingo

By Peter X - February 17 2011

This is something we have not seen before and I am wondering if this is a "First" for Wink Bingo? Apparently it is Swedish Bingo and at Wink they call it Gimme 5. It looks like 75 ball bingo because of the grid, but it is actually 90 ball bingo and you can win on 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines or a combination of these. Every game is mix and match and that's what makes it so much fun! Try something new today – we are sure you are going to love it, just remember the space in the middle is not a free space. Not that you have to mark your own bingo cards – not when you play at this bingo site! You will find it playing nightly between 9pm and 10pm with bingo tickets costing 25p and a maximum buy-in of 96 tickets.

The latest update on the Joy Pot game is that they still haven't found the winner for the full house prize from the last game. They have advertised for her on all four Joy of Bingo sites, but there seems to be no response and if she does not claim her £25,000 prize by the 1st of March – a minute before midnight, it will be forfeit and become a rollover. This will make the next game even more appealing at £50,000 but will be unlucky for the previous winner if she loses out. The next Joy Pot game is scheduled to play on the same day as the new royal couple get wed. That would be the 29th April and it plays for the second time at Wink Bingo. Bearing this in mind, and the size of the prize, they have decided it would be appropriate to call it the "Royal Pot" as opposed to the Joy Pot. The other remarkable thing about this game is that it's a 75 ball bingo game this time, which means the winner takes all!!

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