Play the biggest game of the year at Foxy Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - December 22 2010

Foxy Bingo is calling it the "biggest game of the year"; it certainly is if you play at this site. While there have been some whoppers taking place throughout the course of the year – this is the single biggest guaranteed cash prize they have offered to date. One of the things I really like about Foxy Bingo is the fact that they offer so many guaranteed games.

The difference lies, in that if a site tries to attract you with a £1 million bingo game prize; this is always marketing hype. Read the small print and you will see that this is always a coverall game, with a near to impossible ball call and a £500 or £1000 guaranteed prize. While the chance exists that you could win a million, I have yet to see this happen! But Foxy guarantees you will win £10,000 every Friday and big guaranteed prize money games all through the course of the week.

Now they are giving away £31,000 and yes, this is guaranteed, even the bingo tickets are cheap at the price and they cost £1.50 each. Just to offer a comparison, another bingo site has a £10,000 guaranteed prize up for grabs and the tickets cost £10 each!! So again this is fabulously festive Foxy value for money. What you need to do is keep your eyes down because there are specials on offer almost daily where Foxy gives free bingo tickets away into this bingo game. You can buy these tickets now in the lobby but just know that today they gave away 10 free tickets each to 30 players.
If you want to get your hands on some too, check back at this bingo site every day! Today they also gave away massive 200% re-deposit bonuses to Gold members on their first deposit of the day. Who says loyalty doesn't pay?

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