Play to win a £200,000 jackpot at Diva Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - April 29 2016

Bingo jackpots can be worth hundreds, and sometimes they can worth thousands. Rarely are they worth hundreds of thousands, but that is exactly what the situation currently is over at Diva Bingo. Should you decide to play their Everyone Wins game on April 30, you could take home a share of a massive £200,000 pot.

Monthly Jackpot

On April 30, Diva Bingo will be running their end of the month jackpot game, and yes as we’ve mentioned it has a total pot worth £200,000. Fewer bingo domains can offer such lavish jackpots and extravagant prizes this month.



Tickets on sale now

Tickets to this major bingo game are now currently on sale, at just £1 a card. Players will be able to bag an impressive £20,000 for a single line in the bingo game, They can win an even more impressive £30,000 with two lines, and if they are fortunate enough to land a full house, you can walk away with £50,000 in your pocket. But that only makes up £100,000. Where does the £100,000 go?

Everyone’s a winner

As we’ve touched upon – this is a £200,000 pot game. There is an extra £100,000 that will be shared between all of the remaining players. Everybody else can share that total prize pot of £100,000, no matter how close they have come to winning.

With the £200,000 Everyone Wins jackpot game, you cannot end up a loser. The amazing prizes will be dished out on April 30, so you should make sure that you have snapped up your tickets before then.

Join Today

If you aren’t yet playing at Diva Bingo, why not join today? There is still just enough time for you to bag a £40 bonus when you deposit a tenner as a new player at Diva Bingo, too.

Diva Bingo

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