Play zodiac bingo games at Sophie’s Bingo in 2017 to win a share of £1,111

By Asin Agrawal - January 28 2017

Zodiac Bingo is one of the best and most popular promotional bingo games on the net, and Sophie’s Bingo is a pristine place to play this energetic bingo game. Every month, there is a single game of Zodiac Bingo played, and a guaranteed jackpot worth £1,111 up for grabs. The how’s and whys of it all are explained below.

Zodiac Bingo Game

Sophie’s Bingo is the home of the Zodiac Bingo game, and games take place on the twenty-first of each month, at 20:00 GMT. On their birthday, players will receive 10 free tickets to the Zodiac Bingo game of that month, based on their star sign. Players can snap up as many as 96 tickets in total, by purchasing the remainder.

A total prize pot of £1,111 is guaranteed to be won, and it will be split between all winning tickets. The player with a full house will win £500, as well as 20 tickets to the next Zodiac Bingo game. Players with 4 lines or 3 lines will win £300, and £150, respectively. Players with just two lines will share a £100 pot, whilst a single line nets you £61 with the Zodiac Bingo games over at Sophie’s Bingo.


Sign Up Now

To play the monthly Zodiac Bingo game, you need to be signed up as a player over at Sophie’s Bingo. The online bingo site currently offers players the chance to sign up, become a new roomie, and pocket a welcome bonus when they make their very first deposit.

Welcome Bonus

The sign-up bonus can see players pocket up to £100 in free bingo bonus cash, when they make their very first deposit as a new player. Once that is done, feel free to join in the next game of Zodiac Bingo, at Sophie’s Bingo.

Sophie's Bingo

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