Pocket a share of £10,000 cash prize every month with Sophie’s Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - July 11 2015

Would you like to pocket a share of a massive £10,000 cash prize this month, and every month? Well with Sophie’s Bingo, you can do just that. On the tenth of every month, you are guaranteed to win a share of a massive £10,000 pot. How, you ask? Read on to find out more.

 Monthly Jackpot

Sophie’s Bingo runs The Big £10,000 game every single month. Simply head on over to Sophie’s Bingo on the tenth of every month, and play in the 20.00 GMT Big 10K game. If you land a full house, you will win a £750 cash prize. Players finishing with 2 lines will win £500, whilst players with just 1 line will win £250.

1TG and 2Tg Winners

There’s more to be won too. You don’t necessarily have to have a big bingo win to pocket cash. We did say that The Big £10,000 was a guaranteed bingo game. All 1TG players will share £2,000 between them, whilst even 2TG players will share a pot of £1,500.

Every Player Wins

That still doesn’t guarantee everybody a win , so what does? Well Sophie’s Bingo is also splitting £5,000 between every single player in The Big £10K game. That means every single person is entitled to a share of a £5,000 pot just for playing.

Great Deals

So few other top online bingo sites can offer deals as good as this. Make sure you’re playing with Sophie’s Bingo on the tenth of each month, to stake your claim to some prizes. When you join Sophie’s Bingo as a new player, you can get up to £100 with your first deposit. This should help you along rather nicely, and set you in a prime position to buy tickets for The Big £10K bingo game.

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Join Sophie’s Bingo right now and get yourself prepared for the next big £10,000 bingo game.

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