Pocket your share of 2 million loyalty points at Tea and Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - August 2 2015

Loyalty points should not be underestimated. These freebies can go a long way to seeing you kitted out with cash and great bonuses. Tea and Bingo offers one of the best loyalty programs on the net, and they also have a cracking loyalty bonus offer to boot. Known as the 2 Million Race, it can see you pocket millions of loyalty points, and that isn’t a joke.

Pocket Points

Players can pocket loyalty points over at Tea and Bingo, via several different ways with the 2 Million Race promotion. This is a mad dash to the finish line, based on acquiring points. To kick things off, players who call bingo on the pound pattern will win 25 points. Another 1 point is offered for every £1 you wager on bingo games. Call bingo on number 2, and you’ll win 5 points. Deposit £50 in one day, and you’ll get 10 more. Finally if you refer-a-friend you’ll get 100 points.

40 Winners

Over the course of each month there will be a total of 40 winners, based on how many points players have acquired. The player with the most points will win 300,000 loyalty points, whilst the second placed player will earn 250,000 loyalty points. 150,000 loyalty points are paid out to the player finishing in third place, whilst the fourth placed player will earn 100,000 loyalty points. A total of 75,000 loyalty points are available for all players finishing fifth to tenth, whilst players finishing eleventh to fortieth can earn 25,000 loyalty points a pop.

Sign Up Today

This is a great way to bag loyalty points, and to exchange those for more goodies, including cash. You’ll have to be a member of Tea and Bingo to claim the offer though. If you aren’t already, then sign up today to pocket a 200% match deposit bonus, when you make your very first deposit as a new player.

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