Posh Bingo £2000 Guilty Pleasures Game

By Isobel X - December 22 2011

We love sumptuous free bingo games like this. If you play at Posh Bingo on New Year's Day, you could be winning a share of £2000, absolutely FREE. What would you spend the cash on? A spa pampering day? A manicure, a pedicure? How about some gorgeous new clothes to keep you warm against the winter chill? An angora scarf would be very lovely, wouldn't it?

Here's how to earn free points: tell Posh Bingo what your Guilty Pleasure is and why to earn 200 points. Bingo on the chocolate box pattern to earn points, and pick up points every time you wager on bingo and instant games. For every 500 points you earn, you get one free card to the game.

Not enough partying yet? Then Posh Bingo are inviting you to the After Pleasures Party. The £2000 Guilty Pleasures room will stay open for one hour after the main game, giving you extra games of 5p bingo, and double chat points on all of your favourite games.

We love Posh Bingo because it's so mega-indulgent. With glamorous graphics, gorgeous roomies, and the greatest chat moderators, all you need to do is register, and join the decadent fun.

So, sign up to Posh Bingo today for a dazzling 200% bonus and to party where the posh people play.

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