Posh Bingo Canary Islands Cruise Winner

By Becky Mosley - October 7 2009

Posh Bingo has always offered a great online Bingo experience to its many members but imagine winning a luxury cruise, which is exactly what happened to Rhani one of their online bingo players.

Rhani is off on a 10 day long cruise of the Canary Islands courtesy of Posh Bingo she will stay in a Deluxe Balcony Stateroom on board the Arcadia Liner. On board Rhani will be able to enjoy the onboard luxuries of a cinema, theatre, gym, spa and salon as well as 2 swimming pools and she’ll also have 11 decks to explore! The Arcadia Liner boasts gourmet cuisine, room service and fantastic views as the ship sails to, around and from the Canary Islands.

Rhani sets sail later on this month and can’t wait; if you’re wondering how she came to win this great prize she took part in ‘Sail the Posh Way into Paradise’ promo which recently ran at Posh Bingo. Quick thinking Rhani pre-bought her tickets for the final game which offered this fab cruise. The game played out on September 20th and all players involved were biting their nails waiting to find out who had won and as it turned out there were 6 winners in all!

The 6 winners then had to play a special bingo playoff to decide on a final winner this took place on 26th September and is when Rhani fought it out to be named the overall winner of the ‘Sail the Posh Way into Paradise’. She said at the time ‘I am so surprised! I’m in a tiswaz. I still cannot believe that I have won this fantastic prize! I bet I will not be able to sleep tonight!’

Rhani is now counting down the day until she sails off into the sunset and sees the beautiful beaches, amazing volcanic landscapes and all the natural beauty the Canary Islands have to offer. Rhani will also be able to visit Tenerife, Lanzarote, Vigo and Madeira all inclusive in her prize and to top it off Posh Bingo have even given her £500 spending money.

So if you fancy winning your dream holiday or any number of luxury gifts keep your eye on Posh Bingo who regularly run amazing promotions on their brilliant bingo site.

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