Posh Bingo players love the Collar of Money

By Asin Agrawal - December 5 2010

In another new promotion at the Posh Bingo site, it’s time to get hot under the collar as we all love the collar of money! The latest promotion is offering gold collar treatment and is called "The Collar of Money"! This is a cash-back special – so show them the colour of your money, and they will show you theirs too. What is it that you love to play, is it bingo or instant games or both? Because if you play one or the other, or both, you could be in for a big surprise!

As you Posh Bingo players are a pedigreed lot, they are giving you even more this festive season to make sure you stick around. No matter the colour of your blood or your money – everyone loves a bargain and one of the ways to get bingo bargains, is to get your hands on cash back. This bingo site is giving you 6% back every week, so if you are a loser, you won't completely lose your shirt. The cash back is calculated on deposits made during the week up to the value of £200. This is only one of the brilliant benefits of being a Posh Bingo member!

It is the weekend again and this is when you can coin in on even more green, also now that the festive season has arrived it’s always a good time to play at Posh Bingo. There are more cash prizes and extras than ever before and the Money Bank has just been upgraded to offer "Week Day Extras", play Big Time Bingoer, Hot Shot, Cream of the Crop, Pedigree Posh and Onwards and Upwards for tons of ways to win more. Then there’s Sterling Stuff, Lucky for Some, All That Sparkles and Posh O'clock on weekends. There's loads of extra cash, bingo funds and Joy Points going in these games so make sure you take full advantage of them.

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