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By Becky Mosley - November 27 2009

Posh Bingo know you can’t always be at home to play their fab bingo games so have given their members the option of pre-buying some of their great bingo games. Dreams of Dosh is a 75 Ball game which runs every Friday at 10pm, tickets cost £1 and you could win a possible £1 Million and there’s a Guaranteed Jackpot of £500 so that’s definitely a game not to be missed.

The Upgrade is a 90 Ball game which plays every other Tuesday at 8pm where tickets are just 10p and there’s a £500 Guaranteed Jackpot waiting to be won. A Full House will get you £250, 2 lines £150 and 1 line will see £100 winging it’s way in your direction so another fine game to pre-buy bingo tickets for.

The Boutique is a another pre-buy 75 Ball game which plays on alternate Thursdays at 8pm which boasts a range of fab prizes and the tickets are only 10p each. Free 75 Ball Bingo tickets can also be pre-bought for your chance to win a Guaranteed £30 every day at 8.30 and what’s more the tickets are completely free!

Last but no means least is Posh Ton sees Posh Bingo giving away £100 every single day at 7.30pm. You can stock up on the 10p tickets as this is yet another pre-buy game.

Posh Bingo don’t want their lovely players to miss out on any of their fab games so remember you can stock up on your tickets in the pre-buy section any time you like!

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