Bingo News: Prison sentence for online bingo thief

By Becky Mosley - September 12 2008

Sandra Preston, 42, stole a stagerring total of £62,722 from her employer to play online bingo. She took £1,000 a day over a two month period to fund her online gambling addiction.

Ms Preston used her position as a petrol station manageress to take the money from the Driffield stations PayPoint system. She took the cash while opening up in the mornings. The theft was only discovered when the petrol stations owner came to sell the petrol station and discovered the huge shortfall.

Ms Preston was jailed for six months, Recorder Anton Lodge QC said ”Up until you started this fraud you were a woman of good character and a woman of honour. You led a common, honest, good life. The sad thing is when you got this job, you discovered a way of stealing money from your employer. You were able to misuse the PayPoint system and between August 16th and October 19th ;ast year, you stole and defrauded your employer of over 62,000 pounds. That is a lot of money in a short time.”

Hull Crown Court heard how Ms Preston had become hooked on gambling following the break up of her marriage. She opened online accounts at Mecca Bingo and Foxy bingo and transferred money from PayPoint to fund them.

Ms Preston was arrested on November 3rd at the Driffield garage. She had no previous criminal convictions.