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By Peter X - September 30 2010

888 Ladies Bingo has been talking about their new features for a while now and one was new bingo rooms, some of which we are still waiting for, while the other was virtual gifting. If you want to put a smile on the dial of a fellow roomie and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you can do this now with this super cute gifting service. It will cost you a couple of LP' s but none of these gifts works out to more than 4p in terms of money. Be generous with these little tokens, you could really change the way a fellow player feels that day.
The Gold Ladies have been doing it again and 888 Ladies Bingo, knows that it is these members which are the heart and soul of the site. So they treat them like gold and keep them happy with perks. They have the very own bingo rooms too and these are Champagne Time as well as Red Ribbon. These hand picked, elite members are what you should be aiming to become at this site, just check out the lovely prizes they can win every week. Simply bingo enough in these two rooms and you could walk away with (as well as cash prizes) £70 worth of High Street shopping vouchers, a portable DVD player, a retro styled DAB Digital Radio, a Samsung Megapixel Camera or 70,000LPs, which equals £70 worth of 888 Ladies Bingo! Send in a picture of yourself with a prize and you could earn another 5 000 LP's.
As soon as you go Gold, you get these perks and many more. The re-deposit bonuses are better, the prizes are better too and you are also invited to special events and treats such as Ladies Days at the Races.

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