Reach for the Stars at Moon Bingo

By Peter X - January 20 2011

Fancy reaching for the stars? You can if you play at Moon Bingo, this UK based bingo site has the games and prizes available to sky-rocket your games into the stratosphere and as Buzz Lightyear says – "to infinity and beyond". Perhaps the most apt game to play would be the "Self Made Millionaire" where bingo tickets cost only 25p and have the potential to make you a million in just 5 minutes! This millionaire adventure offers a £1,000 guaranteed prize, so if you come out a loser, you will still be £1000 up. The next game plays on the 20th January which lucky for you, happens to be today! Max out with 96 bingo tickets – this will cost you £24 and offer the prospect of a prize of £1 Million with a probable ROI of £1000, not a bad return on investment if I must say so myself.

While winning a million may be the most exciting adventure any online bingo player could have, a good old hunt for treasure hunt can be an adventure too. Play in the Moon Bingo Treasure hunt for jewels, gold and a talking parrot – just joking. This game guarantees you will win £100, plus an additional £100 which is available as a bonus, making it a £200 jackpot game and tickets only cost 10p. Find this bingo game being played every Wednesday. If you miss it this week, it is an ongoing promotion so catch it next time around at 9pm.

Play The Prize is Right; not Price is Right, at this bingo site and land the best prizes at the best price! Get digital goodies worth £150 for as little as 5p tickets and you get to choose from one of four different prizes. Play with your disco shoes on and win, you will be staying alive just for the guaranteed prize in the fabulous 'Saturday Fever' jackpot! And double your cash up to £800 if you bingo in 38 calls or less in 'Seeing Double'.

Moon Bingo - Limited Offer
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