RedBus Bingo’s Grab the Cash Promotions

By Dani Lee - September 28 2010

RedBus Bingo has loads of fantastic bingo promotions on all the time but today I’m going to give you a quick rundown of their weekly ones which go by the title: Grab the Cash.
The first of these offers is Bust Stop where the top 5 bingo players who spend the most when they play bingo games but weren’t lucky enough to win get to share a £50 prize. This is one offer will certainly take the pain out of losing!
In Mind the Gap the 5 players who play the most Instant Games each week get to share out £50 and in Pie and Mash it’s the 10 players who win the most instants and bingo games that get to share out the £100 prize.
Regular weekend offers include School Bus where the 5 players who bingo the most on the School Bus pattern win a portion of 25,000 Joy Points! In Wheels on the Bus it’s the 5 players who bingo on the letter W pattern who share out 25,000 Joy Points. In case you don’t know Joy Points are being collected by players and turned into tickets for the big Joy Pot games which have been playing across the 4 main Joy of Bingo sites and offer £100,000 in prizes over the course of the year.
There’s £100 cash to be shared amongst 10 players who wager the most on and instant game in Dot and Dash and the 5 players with the biggest single wins each weekend will share out £30 which isn’t too bad either. Ring My Bell is the last of the offers and sees 5 players who wager the most on bingo and instants winning a share of £50.


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