Republicans waving goodbye to UIGEA

By Becky Mosley - September 2 2008

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 is an American law, it was passed in the US congress on 30th September 2006. President George W. Bush signed on 13th October 2006 and it has caused huge problems within the gambling industry in the USA.

The law will soon be a thing of the past according to the Repliblican party and a full report detailing the possible agenda will be released this week.

The UIGEA has cause caused chaos to online casino, poker and bingo game sites in the US. Most of the online casino and poker companies left the American market as transfers of funds by banks, paypal and credit cards were made illegal by the law. Many companies were forced to cease trading and it also hit the economy of countries like Antigua.

We will be crossing our fingers and hoping that players in the US will be able to get back to playing online bingo!

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