Ride the Money Train with Moon Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - October 13 2016

Are you ready to ride the Money Train? With Moon Bingo this month you can start your ride now, and it could end up at cash central station, with up to £100,000 to be won over the course of the month. How and why? Find out more about Moon Bingo’s Ride the Money Train offer right now.

Mega Jackpot

This month, Moon Bingo is hoping that you will hop onboard and charge full speed ahead towards a huge and mega jackpot cash prize. There is a massive £100,000 prize jackpot to be won, £2,500 of which is guaranteed. All 1TG and 2TG players will also share a mini-pot worth £1,000. All you have to do is step into the Money Train bingo room and call house all day, every day.


Game Schedule

The Money Train Jackpot game is played at 9.30pm GMT on November 4. Only funded players can join the game, with tickets costing £1 a pop. Players can snap up as many as 96 tickets in total for this 75-ball bingo game.

If you call bingo, you are guaranteed to win at least £2,500. 1TG winners will share a £500 pot, and 2TG players will share another £500 pot. The amount the winner pockets depends on when they can call bingo.

Cash Prizes

Call bingo in 55 numbers or more and you will win £2,500. Call it in 50 to win £5,000, and if you can call bingo within 45 you’ll win £10,000. That’ll rise to £20,000 if you call within 40 numbers, and £60,000 within 35. Call bingo within 30 numbers to pocket a cool £80,000. Any players who calls house in the Money Train bingo game in 25 numbers or less can win the top prize of £100,000, only with Moon Bingo this October.

Moon Bingo

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