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By Peter X - January 5 2011

"Bingo for Fun – Lottery for Free" is the catch-phrase at Rollover Bingo but this is not quite correct because you win cash when you play bingo too. However, you definitely receive free lottery lines when you play at this site and this is only one of two UK bingo sites which have this offer available. In fact Rollover Bingo was the first site with this innovation and was designed purely for this purpose. I have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps 2011 may find more online bingo sites in the UK using this incentive for promotional purposes.

I believe that the race will be on in 2011 and a war of attrition is about to start. The smaller UK bingo sites will not be able to hold out long, as the bigger and better bingo sites gobble them up by offer bigger and better free bingo, bonuses, promotions and prizes. It is a well known fact that you have to spend money to make money and as applicable as this is to the bingo player, it is to the online bingo operator too. Rollover Bingo spends its money on syndicated lottery lines for their members and they give away one of these for every fiver you spend.

Not only that, but for every lottery line a member receives, if it is a three or four ball match, they pay members out in bingo points and as each lottery is syndicated to 49 players, each player receives the full value of the lottery win in bingo points. This creates a win-win situation, but in this premise it is the member who win-wins.

Rollover Bingo reckons that one quarter of their members is already lottery winners and in case you are interested, this past Saturday (1st of January 2011) the National Lottery prize was £6.7 million!

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