Rollover Bingo Dish out Free Lines on the National Lottery

By Vicky Duncalf - April 12 2012

We love to tell you all about new bingo sites, and Rollover Bingo is one of the most exciting. It's the only online bingo site to give you FREE lines on the national lottery every time you buy bingo cards. With every fiver you spend on tickets, you get rewarded with one free national lottery line – that means if you spend £20 on cards, you get four lines for the next approaching Lotto.

Lines are rewarded to you as a syndicate of 49 players – lots of players have already won cash playing just like this. Indeed, one in four lottery jackpots are won by syndicates, so it's a great way to play bingo and lottery.

If your own personal numbers get a three or four ball win, you get paid out the full amount in bingo points. However, if your syndicate gets a five ball match or the jackpot, the total is split between your syndicate. Recently, a syndicate got a five ball match, and they split the cash between them – how cool is that?

The jackpots get bigger throughout the week at Rollover Bingo – play for £1000 on Thursday at 9 PM, £2500 on Friday at 9 PM, and a £5000 whopper on Saturday at 9 PM. Rollover Bingo gives you so many more chances to win – sign today to play at this fabulous PayPal bingo site.

Rollover Bingo
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