Rollover Bingo Relaunch this month

By Dani Lee - September 1 2011

Rollover Bingo has moved over to the new Cashcade Network along with 3 other bingo sites. To celebrate the fact, the site will undergo a complete relaunch this month. Rollover Bingo was the first UK based bingo site to offer free National Lottery lines to their members dependent upon their bingo ticket spends.

New players get up to 20 free National Lottery lines when they join and then another free line every time they spend £5. New players also get a 100% cash match on first deposits which gives them double their money when they first join the site.

Lots of bingo players have benefited from joining this bingo site both in terms of their bingo wins and also with winning lottery lines. Players who match 3 numbers in a Rollover Bingo lottery line receive 10,000 points, which can be converted into £10 into your account. Matching more numbers will result in actual cash wins so you needn't worry that you'll only ever earn points for your lines.

Even though Rollover Bingo is moving to the Cashcade Network, players will still be able to enjoy the perks of free lines and using their wins to fund their bingo game play. Around 1 in 4 players at this site play bingo using funds sourced from lottery line wins.

The new Cashcade Network will feature Bingo Scotland, Mirror Bingo, ITV Bingo and Rollover Bingo. Cashcade is one of the biggest and best known bingo names in the industry so we are sure there is method behind their plan to put these 4 middle of the range sites together one one network, I guess we will soon see how this pans out for the sites. Watch this space!

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