Rollover Bingo’s Free Euromillions tickets for £90M Draw!

By Dani Lee - March 16 2011

Rollover Bingo was the first bingo site to offer free National lottery lines to their members. Players can not only win their bingo games but also get the chance to win in the lottery and earn themselves extra cash or bonus by matching three, four or five numbers on their free lines.

The Euro millions lottery has just rolled over and has hit a huge £90 million! Rollover Bingo players are lucky enough that they can get their tickets for free when they play their favourite bingo games on site whereas everyone else in the country will be buying their tickets.

Players will get one free Euromillions ticket every time they spend £5 on bingo but this week due to the massive amount of money on offer they will award players with one Euromillions lottery line for every three National lottery lines earned.

One in four Rollover Bingo players have now won a lottery prize of some description due to the free lottery tickets they have gained on site so it's not all together impossible that you could hit the big time with the Euromillions game. All three or four ball matches are paid out in bingo bonus points to each member of the syndicate but higher wins are shared out in cash.

Get playing before Thursday to be Friday's Draw and Good Luck!

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