Romantic £1402 Valentines Game at Sparkling Bingo

By Isobel X - February 4 2012

The smell of love is in the air, and also excitement, at Sparkling Bingo. And here is your invite to a wonderfully romantic Valentine's Day celebration. The game is set to be a real heart racer — it's a five line game, so there will be more winners than ever.

One line wins £102, two lines win £150, three lines win £250, and four lines win £350. However, the full house winner will also have a full purse — scoop £550 if you cover the pattern first. It takes place on Valentine's Day at 9PM in the specially-commissioned Love Celebration Room. Tickets only cost 50p, so snap up a few right now. And guess what? You don't even have to be around when this bingo game plays — if you have a hot date that night, the game will play automatically.

Just imagine coming back in from your big night out, checking your Sparkling Bingo account, and discovering you have won a whole heap of cash. It's enough to put love hearts in your eyes.

Ready to feel the love at Sparkling Bingo? Register today to claim your 150% free bingo bonus and to get swept off your feet by this most romantic of sites.

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