Shake the Signpost Welcome Game at Bingo Street

By Vicky Duncalf - November 4 2013

Forget shaking your tailfeathers

It's all about Shaking the Signpost when you join Bingo Street. As soon as you join, you get a 200% welcome bonus, plus access to a special free bingo room, where you can play the Welcome game to win up to £5 free. With its friendly neighbourhood theme, and games like Cash Cottage, and Nosy Neighbours, you'll wonder why you never joined this warm and welcoming UK bingo community before.

Introducing the Joy Jackpots

In case you didn't know, Bingo Street is part of a network, with some of the most popular UK bingo sites, including Posh, Big Brother, and Wink. Several times a day, these sites link together for big money games – for instance, the £100 Daily Windfall is a 75 ball pre-buy, with tickets just 1p each.

What are your neighbours up to?

Looks like they are winning £30 in the Nosy Neighbours games. And guess what? They only played 2p for their cards! Scandalous. Join your fellow residents every day between 2 PM and midnight, to play these awesome bingo games.

Supermarket Sweep jackpot

Forget Dale Winton's Supermarket Sweep game – you need to sweep round the supermarket for the daily £50 free game. To qualify, you need to deposit during that specific day, and you will get your six free cards. The full house is £25, two lines are £15, and one line is £10. Make it happen, make the cash yours.

Streets ahead of the competition

Dare you enter the Crazy Cash Cottage every Friday? In this wacky little house, you'll find 5p cards, plus the new Fountain of Knowledge trivia quiz. The sooner you call a full house, the bigger and better your prize – for instance, cover your card in 48 calls, and £500 will be winging its way to you.

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