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By Zoe X - October 9 2010

Table Bingo

As you are aware that in bingo winning £’s in points can win you free tickets to play bingo so why not join a team with table bingo and win some of those fantastic points. To get in on the action all you have to do is send a request email to [email protected] which must be received by midnight each Thursday with your alias only. After Silk Bingo has received your email they will then put you with a team of four and the aim of the game is for you and your team is to see if you can bingo the most between the times of 2pm and 6pm so please remember that the team who bingo’s the most shares the 200,000 prize points. So hurry and get emailing to be in a team. It’s a FREE bingo game!

Spot the Celeb

Do you know all of the contestants names on the XFactor this year? Well let’s see if we can test your knowledge by asking you to tell us the answer to this simple question. Which XFactor contestant was eliminated last Sunday and is being sent home to Zimbabwe? If you think you know the answer then email [email protected] [email protected] with the answer, your name and alias and please remember that a player will be picked randomly to correctly answer this question and win 15,000 points.

Instant Game Bonus

From Monday to Friday play Frolicking Frogs at this bingo site and become one of the top three losers who get to share £35 but for first prize £20 is up for grabs, second prize is £10 and the third prize being £5. So remember that this week’s instant free bingo game is Frolicking Frogs!

Player Quote of the Week

Share your joy of winnings with Silk Bingo and their players by emailing them with your quote to earn you massive points of 1000 or if you fancy earning some more points then you could include a photo with your email. Silk Bingo would love to hear your winning stories and you are also free to talk about what you like about the site or really anything you like!

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