Sink your teeth into a delectably Tasty Bingo Experience

By Asin Agrawal - October 27 2010

If you are looking for some delectable offers to sink your teeth into, you can't beat the offers at Tasty Bingo. Check it out today! What better way to start than choosing a lovely free gift? They give you a tangy 200% first deposit bonus as well as a free gift that you can eat, drink or spend. Sample the Truffle Tray – this is a sumptuous cash back offer, and the more truffles you earn, the more cash back you receive. Be warned before you play at this site, eat dinner or take a snack with you, because you will soon be drooling over their many treats.

Tasty Bingo gives away £5000 a month in guaranteed free pre-buys, so pre-book your free bingo tickets, then check back to see if you got lucky. There is £150 daily on offer, plus £350 every Friday. Find these bingo games in the Naked Chef as well as in Freshly Baked.

There are so many tasty treats at this site like the Friday Feast – this game has £200 up for grabs every Friday at 8.30pm, then the £2 Mill Thrill which plays on alternate Saturdays and is a £2,000,000 coverall. Watch the cash flow every night in Cash Fountain and get Hundreds and Thousand in the game of the same name. How about a Penny for a Pizza – is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!

See what treats Tasty Bingo has in store for you when you register as a member of this site. They are on the Joy of Bingo network, together with brother and sister sites Wink Bingo, Red Bus Bingo and Posh Bingo, so they are the "Elite “of UK online bingo world. This means they offer the Joy Pot game which plays every quarter for a prize of £25,000, so sink your teeth into that!

Tasty Bingo (NEW)
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Tasty Bingo

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