Sky Bingo listens to their players and opens more rooms!

By Dani Lee - June 25 2010

Sky Bingo recently requested feedback from their members on their online bingo site. After considering all of the comments and we imagine there were quite a few to wade through they have come back with three brand new bingo rooms. More rooms means more prizes so this is a good thing for all you existing and potential Sky Bingo players.

The three new rooms are called 5 Prize 75 ball bingo, 4 prize 80 ball bingo and the Speed 90 room. Sky Bingo players asked for more chances to win and more BOGOFs and that’s exactly what Sky Bingo has delivered. In the 5 prize bingo room players get 5 chances to win in every bingo game, this room opens its doors between 6am to 1am daily with 2p BOGOF bingo games between 9am and 10am and 5p BOGOF games between 6pm and 7pm.

In the 4 prize bingo room you get 4 chances to win in every game. The room opens at 10am and stays open until 9pm each day. Once more there’s a whole lots of BOGOFs between 10am and 11am and again between 5pm and 6pm.

The speed bingo room has been introduced after Sky players said they wanted faster bingo games giving them more chances to win over a shorter time period. Speed 90 kicks off at Midday and stays open for 12 whole hours until Midnight every day. There will be a new speed bingo game scheduled every 3 minutes and so there’ll be no hanging around waiting for the next game to begin. Sky Bingo has predicted that they will give away £20,000 or more in guaranteed prizes each week in the Speed Bingo room alone!

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