Snowy Bingo offers 2 million loyalty points to players

By Asin Agrawal - January 22 2017

Loyalty points are often appreciated by bingo players, but not taken terribly seriously. After all, you often need hundreds if not thousands to convert them into some serious free cash. What if you could bag a share of 2 million loyalty points in one fell swoop though? With Snowy Bingo, you can dash toward the 2 million loyalty point mark and win big.

Earn Points

The online bingo site is currently offering players 25 points for winning on the pound pattern, 1 point for wager a quid on bingo, 5 points for calling bingo on number two, 10 points for depositing a total of £50 a day, and 100 points for referring a friend to the online bingo domain.

2m race

Players can then have their points totalled at the end of the month, and the top 40 players with the most points will win a share of a massive number of loyalty points. Players who finish in eleventh to fortieth place can win 25,000 LPs each, whilst 75,000 points are available for players finishing in fifth to tenth. The fourth and third highest finishing players can scoop 100,000, and 150,000 loyalty points, respectively. If you finish second, you can win a massive quarter-of-a-million loyalty points.

And what of the winner? The player who has acquired the most points over the course of the month can scoop a massive 300,000 loyalty points. Imagine how much free cash you can start playing with bingo with 300,000 loyalty points under your cap?

Join Today

The 2 Million Races is just one of many top-notch promotions you can join over at Snowy Bingo. If you want to claim the rest, sign up at Snowy Bingo today and pocket a 200% bingo bonus, and 100% game bonus when depositing as a newbie right now.

Snowy Bingo

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