Spot the 888 Ladies Bingo posters and WIN, WIN, WIN!

By Asin Agrawal - February 19 2011

It is getting closer and closer for the mind-boggling £5 million Golden coverall game to take place at 888 Ladies Bingo. Now if you know anything about this game, you will know that these tickets cannot be bought for love nor money – they have to be won. There are five ways to win these tickets, but they keep surprising us with even more ways to win. The latest way to win is a massive promotional exercise and they are putting up posters in a number if UK cities to celebrate this bingo game. The cities are:


Each city has posters in several locations so if you are a resident and you play at 888 Ladies Bingo, spot them if you can. They will be at bus and trams stops as well as close to major shopping centres. Spot one and strike a pose next to it then take a photo – send the photo into the site and the first ten roomies to do this will each win 5000 LP's (Loyalty Points). Hit the roads ladies and strike your best pose, this promotion ends on the 28th February and the winner with the best photo will win an additional 7000 LP's.

If you want to know more about this massive coverall game and how to win Golden Tickets, you will obviously find out more details if you simply go to the site. It is notable in that it is a coverall, but the minimum prize is mahoosive; this is a massive £50,000 and you have to have a Golden Ticket in it to win it. Ten new members every day are winning these tickets, how about joining right now?! The game takes place on 6th March 2011 and it only plays once a year, so you don't have a lot of time left.

New members get a free £25 bonus when they sign up and spend £10, that's a 250% bonus to start you off which is pretty good.  There's also free bingo games every hour at this bingo site so what are you waiting for?

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