Step on the gas at RedBus Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - December 22 2010

If you fancy a free bingo ride of your life step on the gas at RedBus Bingo and let them take you away. They have a £1,000 free bingo game playing daily and when you make a first deposit you could also win up to £2,000 in bonus bucks. That's right, simply make a deposit, they give you a scratch card and you scratch to see what your first deposit bonus is. You can win anything between 100% and 2000% of your deposit free. "shycolin" climbed aboard and won £1000, then he decided to play again and won another £700, like most winners, he really didn't believe it could happen to him!

There are so many different Christmas promotions taking place at RedBus Bingo at the moment that we hardly know where to start, so, perhaps the best place is the most important – the Team Fortunes £15k Giveaway! Just one bingo game gives you fifteen thousand reasons to play at this bingo site and this is just ONE of their many brilliant promotions. Earn free bingo cards for you and your team mates, bingo has never been this good!

Pad out your pockets on Boxing Day too as there is £2500 up for grabs in a game that only costs 25p per ticket. Play it at 10pm and grab your tickets now if you want, these are already up for sale on site. This way you can't possibly forget that you have an important game to play on this special day and you never know; when you come back and check your account, there could be a small fortune in it for you?! The next City Break game is also up at the site, so, don't forget to play in this game too and get collecting Joy Points for the next £25K Joy Pot game which plays at Posh Bingo on 1st January 2011.

RedBus Bingo (NEW)
RedBus Bingo (NEW) – Play Now

Red Bus Bingo

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