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By Becky Mosley - October 27 2009

There are a number of exciting chat games to play at Sun Bingo and with friendly chat rooms and Chat Hosts you’ll have a blast and winners will be awarded cash prizes at the end of each game.

In one of the chat games, 2 Fat Ladies, you have to be the first person to type ‘2 Fat Ladies’ when you hear the number 88. If the number 88 isn’t called the game will roll over again and again until a winner is found.

Family Fortunes is based on the well known game show where the Chat Host will ask the ‘Chatters’ a question and they must in turn guess the highest scoring answer. Whoever guesses correctly is the winner, easy!

If you like your word games then you’ll love Anagrams, this chat game sees the Chat Host typing a jumbled up word for the players to rearrange to spell the correct word, the first person to find the right answer wins.

There’s a chat game to suit everyone from Topical Questions to Boggle, have a browse of the Sun Bingo site for full listings and to take part. Not only are these games great fun but you get to meet and chat with your fellow online bingo buddies so it’s a good way to make new friends.

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