Sweet promos at Tasty Bingo

By Dani Lee - August 20 2010

First and foremost Tasty Bingo has some deposit bonuses available this weekend which will make your deposits go a lot further. Use the bonus code FRUITY on your deposits of £10 to £100 once on Friday and once more over the weekend.

Other weekend promos to mention are the Lose your cherry…again! offer which sounds a bit saucy to me but gives 3 players a £10 prize when they bingo the most on the letter C over the course of the weekend.

In Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy the top player who bingos the most times on the number 55 between now and 11.59pm on Saturday will win a gorgeous Citrus Fruit Soapy Gift Set from Lush.

The Chef’s Special this week is called Freshly Dipped and offers a delicious prize of a selection box of strawberries dipped in various toppings including white, dark and milk chocolate and even coconut….yum! The top 3 players who wager the most on instants between now and Sunday will each win one of these downright delicious prizes. I want one!

Tasty Bingo once again serves up a few treats for the weekend so if you find yourself at a loose end make sure you pop in.

In the not too distant future the £2K Tasty Dream pre-buy game will play. You can earn tickets into the October game right now. Tickets normally cost £1 but you can earn Tasty Points between now and the October 3rd which you can then convert into tickets. For every 500 Tasty Points you collect you can get 1 ticket. Bingo-ing on the STAR and letter D patterns will get you 5 points whilst wagering £1 on bingo will get you 2 points and spending £20 on instants will get you 1 point. If you have any funny ideas about how you would spend £2000 email them to Tasty Bingo who will reward you with 50 points!


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