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By Dani Lee - September 4 2012

It may only be the beginning of the month but Tasty Bingo have already got us salivating over their £2K Cookie Jar which is scheduled for 30th September. In this bingo game, 5 lucky winners will share a chunk of the £2000 prize.

You can pre-buy the £1 tickets now or if you prefer, you can earn free tickets into the £2K Cookie Jar by collecting points. Every 500 points you collect are worth 1 ticket and you can earn them easily enough.

Write on Tasty's Facebook page telling them hat your favourite all time dunking biscuit is and you'll receive 250 points, that's half a ticket earned with a single sentence! Bingo on the Coffee Mug or Bingo Star patterns for 25 points or wager £1 on 75 or 90 ball bingo games for 5 points. You can also earn a single point for every £50 wagered on instants, which seems a bit steep but maybe not if you love those instants.

As I said before the £2K Cookie Jar will play on 30th September at 9.45pm, so don't miss it. The prize split is £1000 for 5 lines, £460 for 4 lines and £240 for 3 lines. 2 lines gets you £180 and 1 line secures a £120 win. I hate to bring this up so early but Christmas will be on its way by the time the game plays so its a good time to win a little extra cash.

Newbies who join the scrumptious Tasty Bingo site will be welcomed with a 200% welcome bonus plus an extra £10 bonus FREE! This bingo site has some of the most delicious treats on the web and once you've played at Tasty once, I'm sure you'll be back for more.

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