Team Bingo arrives at Tasty Bingo

By Isobel X - August 21 2010

Tasty Bingo has covered most bases when it comes to offering great bingo games and promotions but up until now they hadn’t got anything to do with Team Bingo but that has just changed….

Tasty Bingo will now be running a fortnightly Team Bingo competition which brings all you Tasty Bingo players together, bingo-ing your way to some pretty impressive prizes. Tasty Bingo will assign you to a team every two weeks, it is then your job to play bingo like you normally do, aiming for as many bingos as you can get. At the end of the two week period the team with the most bingos will be crowned the winners and will win a prize. If there’s a tie, the main prize will go to the team that bingos the most on the letter T pattern.

At the end of every 2 week period the scores are reset to zero and the fun begins again and all participating players will be reshuffled into their new teams.

The top ten teams on the leader board each fortnight will receive these prizes:

1st place: share of 60,000bps (15,000bps each)
2nd place: share of 50,000bps (12,500bps each)
3rd place: share of 25,000bps (6,250bps each)
4th place: share of 20,000bps (5,000bps each)
5th – 10th places: share of 6,000bps (1,500bps each)

If you wish to take part in the all new Tasty Team Bingo event you need to express an interest before the start of the competition which will always be on a Monday. Only bingos between 8am and 11pm will be counted towards your team’s score and winning teams/players will get their prizes on the Monday after the promotional period.

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